Upgrade to energy saving LED lights to reduce costs and improve lighting quality. 

With the NJ Clean Energy Program, government incentives cover up to 95% of the cost to upgrade, until June 30, 2021—with no strings attached.


  • 80% lower energy bills
  • 35% more savings from reduced cooling loads
  • ROI in one year or less
  • Scale down your carbon footprint
  • Reduce maintenance & replacement costs
  • Your business has been pre-approved

MET Energy Solutions makes upgrading easy

As NJ Clean Energy Program experts, we’ve completed over 600 energy-efficient lighting projects. We work quickly, from assessment to installation, and have a proven track record of reducing energy costs.

Don’t miss your opportunity to leverage these savings and upgrade to the new standard.

Apply today and qualify within 24 hours.

Contact MET Energy to learn more