Custom LED Lighting Systems

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Zero $$ Out of Pocket

LED Upgrades
Your Project will be Cash-Flow positive on Day One

Intelligent Lighting Systems IOT

Save up to 90% with Whole Building App Based Wireless Intelligent Lighting Systems.

MET Energy Solutions LLC’s direct reseller relationships with leading Smart Building & IOT Platform companies enables us to offer implement the quickest, most simple way to Enter the Smart Building transformation

Lighting control manages and automates the delivery of the accurate foot-candles needed as well as occupancy (on/off or dim) at set times or under set conditions. Through space analytics users gain control over their own lighting levels remotely controlling/programming every light fixture within their facilities providing optimal working conditions while maximizing saving with its cost- and energy-saving strategies.

Lighting of the Future

  • Task tuning
  • Occupancy Sensing
  • Ambient/Daylight Harvesting
  • Scheduling
  • Demand Response
  • Advanced Energy Strategies
  • Advanced Energy Reporting
  • Space Utilization Analytics
  • Retail Analytics
  • Temperature Sensor provides reports on temperature levels which enables facilities to adjust HVAC settings enabling additional savings
  • Cloud-based Energy Manager allows lighting & control strategy Implementation from On-Site