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Resnick Distributors

Project Type: Lighting Retrofit
Business Type: 
Warehouse, Office
Total Project Cost: 
Incentives Rebate: 
Annual Energy Savings: 
189,008 kWh
Green House Gas Eliminated: 
70,694 lbs. of CO2
Return On Investment: 
5.85 months
Total Annual Cost Savings: 


Resnick Distributors is a products distribution company carrying cigarettes and tobacco, confections, snacks, grocery, frozen food, food service, general merchandise, equipment, health & beauty care, paper & plastic supplies, and clothing.

Servicing a broad spectrum of markets including convenience stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, tobacco shops, gift shops, specialty stores, wholesalers and concessions, Resnick Distributors supplies small single owned and operated stores as well as large chains.

Located in New Brunswick, NJ, Resnick Distributors delivers throughout the mid-Altantic and North East regions of the U.S. as well as nationally.