Custom LED Lighting Systems

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LED Upgrades
Your Project will be Cash-Flow positive on Day One

LED Lighting Upgrades

Met Energy Solutions LLC’s team has helped over 600 commercial facilities over the past 8 years improve energy efficiency.  Lighting upgrades are one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to meet those goals. Initially converting buildings from T12 to T8 lamps, from incandescent to compact fluorescents, Metal Halide to T5 Highbays.

“If you do not have LED lighting installed in your facility, your lighting is not efficient”

As the LED Revolution has skyrocketed with pricing leveling off and increased incentives to convert to this technology, there is a tremendous opportunity to upgrade your facility with an incredibly low ROI.

MET Energy Solutions LLC partners directly with many of the worlds high quality manufacturers to find the best product at competitive prices.  This enables us to propose the most cost-effective program while dramatically exceeding your goals, whether it be brighter lighting, better CRI, maintenance saving or energy savings.